Instant Healthy Hair Treatment 6oz

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12 Benefits™ Instant Healthy Hair Treatment is the most innovative multi-benefit hair treatment for preventing and repairing hair damage. 12 Benefits™ composition of natural hair lipids and UV absorbers in an ultra pure base of steam-distilled water reverses the stress of chemicals, thermal styling and environmental exposure. When applied after a hair-color service, 12 Benefits™ seals and protects for longer lasting color radiance.


What will you experience using 12 Benefits™ Instant Healthy Hair Treatment?

Our all-in-one formula when applied after shampooing and conditioning works to:

Seal hair color +
Smooth frizz +
Repair damage +
Prevent split ends +
Moisturize dry hair +
Strengthen fragile hair +
Prevent flat iron damage +
Prevent chlorine, wind & sun damage +
Add shine, softness and a silky finish +
Protect hair from blow-drying +
Improve detangling & manageability +
Keep hair youthful +


Please note that you are ordering the 6oz size treatment.
The 1.5oz size is available for purchase here.